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At Proforma, we live and breathe marketing. We love what we do and are driven to create and execute for our clients every day.

We went into business in 2000 with the aspiration to provide the most professional media services in the marketplace. Today we are part of a $500 million parent company and a leader in our field.

Rich Mitchell, Principal

Rich is a marketing solutions expert who partners with CEOs, executives and marketing directors to deliver creative and production solutions that help grow their bottom line. After 17 years in service to multimillion dollar companies, Rich knows that the most prevalent marketing challenge today’s companies face is how to do more with less. And the answer is not about mastering the marketing flavor of the week—it’s about bringing the right partners around you who can deliver the quality and efficiencies your business needs.

Rich has helped Fortune 500 clients such as Exelon and Volvo to move their marketing and training in entirely new, innovative, and shockingly cost-effective directions. He’s helped dozens of other companies to streamline outsourcing, control indirect costs, and manage their promotional and marketing needs.

Rich is a graduate of Joliet Junior College with a degree in Marketing.